MRC Publishing

MRC Publishing

Can I copy the audio CD?
The musical works embodied in each audio CD have been registered with various authorities such as PPL (Phonographic Performance Limited), MCPS (Mechanical Copyright Protection Society) and PRS (Performance Rights Society). As such they are subject to strict international copyright laws and reproduction management.


Can I photocopy the sheet music?
Lyrics and sheet music are copyrighted works such that any unauthorised reproduction is illegal under international law. As holders of the original copyright, MRC Publishing grants two exemptions to this:


● Lyrics may be reproduced within an educational organisation for teaching purposes.

● MRC Publishing permits limited reproduction of sheet music to facilitate page turns for performance. Please destroy all copies immediately after use.


Are performance licences required?
Public performance of our catalogue does not require a performance licence, but you will need to ensure appropriate PRS returns are made.


Can my school perform your songs?
Performances of songs on school premises which are attended by anybody other than staff and pupils are deemed public performances. This principle applies to any other organisation inviting others to performances, regardless of whether admission fees are charged or not. Schools and other organisations performing music in public normally hold a PRS licence permitting them to do so, in which case the usual procedure should be followed for reporting song use.


May we make recordings your songs/music?
Anybody wishing to make sound recordings of our catalogue should apply for an appropriate MCPS licence (details may be found at Backing tracks supplied with song and music books are the mechanical property of an associated organisation (MRC Records) and must not be embodied in any sound recording unless licensing arrangements have been agreed with both MRC Publishing and MRC Records. All backing tracks are registered with roylaties collection authorities and are protected by international Law. This restriction also applies to video recordings of performances where backing tracks have been used.


What is the format and size of a song/music book?
Song/music books are either ISO A4 (210mm x 297mm) stapled booklet format produced by a commercial printing press or laser printed and spiral bound by ourselves. Large song/music books are spiral bound to facilitate opening.

Can we buy your publications in digital format?
Digital versions of our music scores are in preparation - please visit our website regularly for news and new developments!