MRC Publishing

Fun In The First Register! Oboe

ISBN 978-1-9998477-0-8


41 fab, original tunes, all in the first register (first 23 just using left hand) with easy to play piano accompaniments.


This fun-packed book is ideal for beginners of any age. It is carefully paced and organised to build confidence and fire the imagination every step of the way. Offering a wide variety of thoughtfully crafted pieces, the book is designed to keep pupils motivated and engaged whilst they develop a secure technique in the first register. The book also provides a useful source of concert repertoire right from the very first page. New notes are introduced one at a time using a simple piece to allow focus on the new fingering. Pieces gradually increase in complexity until the next new note is introduced. The fun but easy accompaniments are accessible to the elementary pianist. Enjoy playing with friends and family! The enclosed free CD of piano backing tracks (99 in total) offers a choice of two speeds for each piece. A third speed is provided for certain pieces to enable pupils to showcase fast fingers. A set of backing tracks can also be streamed direct from our page at You may purchase directly from us using the secure Paypal cart with options below or through our Amazon store.

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